Natural Beauty Group

A new site for a new range of make up and skin care made from natural ingredients.

Home page with scrolling background.

The Natural Beauty Group website used colourful images and a background to make it appealing to potential customers. The background is a stock photo and the photo of the flowers was taken by the client’s spouse.

There are many colours of eye shadow available and these were presented in an oval format. I think the circle I first did looked better, but the client is always right!

Aquamarine, one of the many colours available.

The Website Photos


Sometime in February 2017 the site was handed over to an online SEO specialist to reinvigorate sales.

Notable additions are a logo (possibly done by the same people), a slide show and putting the services on the front page; which is a good idea as users often don’t dig deep enough on your site to get to the most important thing, your services. I was setting it up to the owner’s instructions and a slide show was not wanted, but they can be good to attract attention and sell your products.

When I built the site the emphasis was to be the natural ingredients which is why they are on the front, but it would have been better to put them on the About Us page.

Checking the back end sales have gone no where; so the revamp has made no improvement for selling it seems.

The website went offline late 2018 but an old version is available.

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